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About Us

Welcome to Claremont Endermologie & Skin Clinic. The aim of Claremont Endermologie & Skin clinic is a holistic approach to body and face refining, including both beauty and health.

A harmony of the physical and spiritual forces at play in every one of us can be achieved through various combinations of:
  • intense consultation
  • committed care
  • compassion and humanity
  • skin and body science
  • cutting edge technology
  • and a skilled touch
Claremont Endermologie & Skin clinic promises to fulfill this vision by way of the following:
  • A beautiful established clinic to accommodate clients in a relaxing environment
  • Professionally qualified staff
  • Scientifically tested products of the highest quality
  • Latest technologically developed equipment
  • High quality treatment for excellent prices

Claremont Endermologie & Skin clinic is situated in Claremont, Western Cape.

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Tel: 021 683 8515 | Address: 33 Wilderness Road, Claremont | Email: claremont@endermologiewinelands.co.za

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